Borgo Universo is the open-air museum of Aielli, in Abruzzo. Here are 35 murals by famous street artists from all over the world.
Among these, 3 are literary murals: in Aielli you can read on the wall the book Fontamara by Ignazio Silone, a symbolic text of the rebirth of the place, the Italian Constitution, an ethical guide for present and future generations, and the Divine Comedy, a master work of Italian literature in the world.

Every year the museum is enriched with new murals and in the period of July and August the museum hosts the “Festival Borgo Universo”.


Proposal for the development and design of an interactive 360° virtual tour with advertising content and insights.


Design and creation of the animated interaction icons present on the Virtual Tour. The animations are activated in mouse hover so as not to interfere in the user experience and capture attention on the insights present.


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