The company SenAlfa s.n.c, established in 1991, is the natural evolution of an associated studio that, since 1983, began to operate in the topography sector.

The specialization acquired over the years allows our office today to play a leading role in the local area and to provide the best technical services to institutions and companies.

Continuous improvement has pushed SenAlfa towards excellent professional and technological quality.


Distinguish the brand and cultivate a specific image in consumers’ minds through colors, logos, and design.

I was responsible for developing the brand identity, voice, and personality. Responsible for the visual identity, such as logo, merchandising, printed and digital ads, and communication.


The website of the “SenAlfa” technical study was created following the brand tone and the company goals to reach a specific target group in the infrastructure field, highlighting the company’s values and services clearly and intuitively.


I also took care of creating and editing short explanatory and promotional videos, which includes aerial shots taken with a drone.


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